What does the 2-Pack Miracle Face Erase Set include?

Each Miracle Face Erase Set includes 2 Miracle Face Erase cloths and 6 hairbands, making this kit all-inclusive and easy to use.

How does Miracle Face Erase work?

Miracle Face Erase is designed to gently remove 100% of makeup completely using only water. The unique material effectively breaks makeup’s bond to the skin and removes oils.

Will it remove waterproof makeup?

Miracle Face Erase 100% completely removes any kind of makeup, including waterproof mascara and stubborn lip tints.

Is it safe on sensitive and/or acne-prone skin?

Miracle Face Erase is completely gentle and safe to use on any kind of skin. In some cases, using Miracle Face Erase may reduce acne as it removes product from your face completely without leaving behind any residue that could clog your pores — which is often the cause of acne.

Do I need to use face wash with this product?

All you need is warm water to wet the towel and remove 100% of makeup. You may continue to use face wash if you desire — you’ll be surprised at how it lacks in comparison to Miracle Face Erase!

How do you clean Miracle Face Erase?

Simply rinse Miracle Face Erase after each use and hang it to dry using its convenient hanging loop. Miracle Face Erase washes easily in the washing machine for hundreds of uses!

How long will each Miracle Face Erase cloth last me?

Each Miracle Face Erase cloth will last up to 1,000 uses.