Removing your makeup shouldn’t take as long as applying it. Miracle Face Erase was made for the everyday woman who wants radiant skin without having to deal with a complicated beauty regimen. All you need is the purest form of cleanser — water!

2-Pack Miracle Face Erase Set

2-Pack Miracle Face Erase Set

Each Miracle Face Erase Set includes 2 Miracle Face Erase cloths and 6 hairbands, making this kit all-inclusive and easy to use. Made of...

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Go Makeup-Free Instantly

With Miracle Face Erase, all you need is warm water to completely remove 100% of makeup! Soft enough for even the most sensitive skin, Miracle Face Erase refreshes and rejuvenates.


Reusable & Machine-Washable

With Miracle Face Erase, you’ll reduce waste and save money! Simply rinse out the cloth following each use and use the cloth’s convenient loop to hang dry. Machine wash (recommended weekly) up to 1,000 times.


Also Available in Purple or Black

The Miracle Face Erase is available in purple or black, providing you with a variety of options that will match your taste. All sets include 2 Miracle Face Erase cloths and 6 hairbands.


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